La Residencia Jardin El Tuito

LAURENCE « Lolo » : Cel: 322 159
ALAIN : Cel: 331 761 7043

THE OWNERS sell directly this magnificent property, unique, atypical, very comfortable, discreet, secured with 5 cameras infrared engraving permanently, Wi-Fi Internet, with private parking lot, well, swimming pool in the water of mountain in the middle of an exotic garden.

Situated in a privileged setting MYSTICAL and high-level vibratory, El Tuito in the very privileged climate, is a magic place of opening of consciousness and dedicates perfectly in the activities of personal fulfillment and Tantra, such as the yoga.

The residence is a former Boutique-Hotel and Restaurant, Hotelito Jardin Del Tuito who possesses all the elements of the success and the harmony: la hostess (Lolo) created a real fusion between the Mexican tradition and the delicacy of the French decoration.

The residence is also a creative space where you can discover the other creations of Lolo, the first results of the meteorological station or the observation of the extraordinary celestial vault in the dark night from the palapa situated on the terrace of 150 m2 over the house.

Finally the garden of 400 m2 was specially designed for the customers and can serve simply to be able to escape in the campaign, disorient, live far from the noise and from the pollution, relax and rest.

The creation of a swimming pool 15 meters long really allows to swim in the middle of the various exotic palm trees, banana trees, and of the small garden of the desert without forgetting the well, dug and realized according to the ancestral method of the Aztecs.

The possibilities of development are real:

This residence is an exceptional opportunity for the lovers of nature and a certain idea of the «knowledge to live”.

Situated between sea and mountain, the clientele mainly consists of walkers, lover of birds, and people aspirants in a stay in the peace, in an idyllic frame of character and charm.

Possibility of organizing stays «relaxation and meditation " with an activity of massage and relaxation consolidating this place as a place centered on the well-being.

The restor catering typifies "pension" ask to be developed.

Ideal business for a couple fascinated by this concept with a remunerative activity or for a couple coming to look for the peace.

Other professional possibilities as Esthetic Center, relaxation and SPA; Residence of convalescence after operation; Luxury place for meetings of relaxation; Concerts, private shows, art gallery; Jardin-bar-restauration for events; Exclusive Club in the multiple or other activities are also possible.

It is very important to read in detail THE CONCLUSION to measure the development in the course of the region which guarantees you AN EXCELLENT INVESTMENT from now on.


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