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Cabo Corrientes

Cabo Corrientes - YelapaImagine closing your eyes, knowing you are in a different place. And when you open them, fireflies illuminate the way, surrounded in total darkness. No trace of the city, or modern life. Only nature and you.

Cabo Corrientes offers some of the most beautiful beaches near the Bay of Banderas. Some of the beautiful beaches are completely desert and only accessible by boat. The vegetation of Cabo Corrientes is lush, and full of green hues. There are little villages far away from the city surrounded by nature where you can eat fresh seafood, affordably.

The municipality of Cabo Corrientes has more than 75km of precious beaches and hot springs that are a home to many animals and bird species. The 80km of scenic roads go through forests and rivers that are almost virgin.

There have been findings of Hieroglyphics and pottery from ancestors that lived in this area. Nowadays the handcrafts are made of natural products in pottery style. Cabo Corrientes mainly produces Coffee, Raicilla (Very Strong Liquor), Cheese, Panela, Bread, Cakes, Sweets, Chile and much more.

Cabo Corrientes offers a great variety on beaches, some known for their proximity to Puerto Vallarta like Quimixto and Yelapa. Other beaches very known in the area are: Pizota, Chimo, Aquiles Serdan, Tehuamixtle (known for their high quality, fresh and huge oysters) and Corrales.

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