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Creativity is in every one of us. It is a form of personal expression directed toward each other. Its fields of application are virtually limitless: writing, photography, architecture, furnitures, landscaping, etc. The simplest is to explain our progress chronologically intellectual and creative.

At first the house seemed austere, cold, impersonal, and not in harmony with its surroundings, particularly its colors.

It was decided to give it a soul, respect the Mexican culture as much as possible, make a harmonious mix between French culture in Paris and the historic Mexican town founded in 1525, making it a very comfortable welcoming place. Finally, a space to exchange ideas with local artisans was created.

The division was made primarily to the first floor with the creation of 3 Suites. Round shapes have been designed in order to break the cubic style of the previous spaces. We used traditional materials like bricks and shimmering colors of the local hardware store. Mirrors on the wrought iron doors bring enhance the light and add depth to the rooms. We reused old Mexican pottery for the showers, inserting them into the walls, along with various other objects, such as local shells.

Wrought iron fences used for the interiors and exteriors where new elements and integrate perfectly with the creative spirit of the Residence. A high table "table of wine" and its 5 high chairs where specially drawn and designed.

A bar made of Sinacacao in the main kitchen was drew and designed, a new element that also transformed the soul of the kitchen.

It was created with the motto: "A touch of Paris in Mexico."

The memories of the pyramid of the Louvre, the lobby "French Cancan" time of the Moulin Rouge, Suite Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower Suite, and finally the symbol of Montmartre with its splendid dome, were kept.

The hangings, the spacer fabric, pictures and frames, objects and linen come from Paris and specially the colors were a subject to particular care to impart uniqueness to each location. The quite unique shower doors were drawn and designed by the creative artist named before. They are unique and voluntarily a very modern style that harmonizes perfectly with the environment.

Were not easy considering the sizes and materials and respecting traditions.

So an outdoor staircase was created, using a very rare and precious wood from the mountains of Cabo Corrientes (which the Queen of Spain used at the time) called the cinacacao and is reputed to be "eternal. These stairs are very useful, as they allow an independent access to the second floor, without passing through the inside of downstairs, definite independency of the two floors.

The outside toilet walls are made out of the local bamboo woven, tiles of El Tuito, modern doors designed and decorated with drawings of the designer artist. The effect is remarkable.

The large outdoor shower is equipped with hot and cold water, and has rounded shapes reminiscent to those in the beautiful shower in Suite Notre Dame.

The well is 6-meters deep and was drawn and designed by me. It was done by local Master Astilla exactly and according to the Aztec method and with the same materials. It is fed by groundwater and there is always a stream of water. It may be the only well in Mexico that has a small niche with an Eiffel Tower 30cm bronze coming directly from Paris!

The forms of the pool, its proportions and its depth are subject to a very particular attention. Its technical design based on natural products avoids the use of chlorine which is harmful to the skin and eyes. It is fed by mountain water of the natural phreatic water.

The form and dimensions of the 2 palapas were part of a tense study and particular care. One is located on the ground floor next to the kitchen and allows enjoying breakfast outside, even during the rainy season in summer. The other one on the terrace of the house invite to rest in a hammock, enjoying a light breeze and a beautiful sunset in the afternoon.

The shapes and volumes had to be studied in order not to distort the entity, providing highly functional and enjoyable principles. They have been made by a great specialist, using wood and palms of the area.

The garden has been redesigned to make a lot of space to rest around the pool. All varieties of palm trees (and there are many!) have been preserved, of which some are rare (palm of Australia).

A corner is reserved for bananas that are produced regularly and you can taste these very sweet and delicious once. A small desert garden includes the main species of cactus in the region.

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