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El Tuito

The flora is composed of fruit trees such as mango, lime, orange, guava, and avocado as well as other trees like cedars, oaks, walnut, capomo (a local naturally caffeine free coffee substitute), pines and precious woods like brazil and cinacacao.

The name of El Tuito means "Little Valley" or "Place of Beauty". It comes from the words "Teotl" which means God and Tiul, Tuitlán meaning Place of God, Devine Place or Place of Beauty.

El Tuito is a place where tranquility and natural beauty are present in the palm trees and admirable trees that serve as a home for birds, adobe houses, and classic ceilings creating a unique harmony in the region. El Tuito was classified as "Typical Mexican Town" in 2006.

At El Tuito you will find a great variety of fruits and vegetables, organic coffee, sugar, honey, brown sugar, cream pies, rootlet, cheese and others.

El Tuito adapts to the development and provides:

  • Police station for municipal and federal police
  • Ambulance Park
  • Health center open for 24 hrs, very good care and well equipped
  • Sport camp with grandstand
  • Primary schools, middle- and high school at the University with antenna from University of Guadalajara, at the city hall
  • Excellent public transportation, departures of buses every half hour to Puerto Vallarta and to the south to Barra de Navidad and Manzanillo
  • Numerous shops, pharmacies, restaurants, doctors, etc.
  • Bank with various ATM’s
  • Cultural activities at city hall: language courses, drawing, martial arts, dancing, etc.
  • New open-air theater with performances of folkloric groups of the area and from all over Mexico.

THE CONCLUSION: EL TUITO is a leading city, preserving its charm, adopt and master its development.

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