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The property is located in the heart of town in a rather quiet street, facing a beautiful ancestral tree (Parota), perhaps the oldest of El Tuito.

The church and main square are only 150 meters away, with all necessary services (city hall, ATM, Western Union…).

The largest supermarket with pharmacy and hardware store is just 100 meters away, extended opening hours (from 7am to 11pm) 7 days a week.


The global surface is 1,172 m2 and according to the expert’s report from June 2010, the construction is 618 m2.

There is also an attached house totally independent with its own stairs and a second floor. Each floor is 50square meters. The first floor counts with 1 bedroom for 2 people, a kitchenette with dining area, a shower and bathroom with hot water and independent water heater. A perfect place for a guardian.

At first floor there is also a large parking lot which can be closed and an area ideal for laundry. An additional floor can be added and used as living- or play room.

There is also parking space for 4 cars.
High protective walls around the property allow for total security.
You can enjoy the pool of 15 meters long and 4 meters wide (long-pool), without chlorine, but with natural mountain water.

Reserves of water of 15.000 liter under the earth, plus two more reserves of 1000 liter on the roof, ensure full autonomy of the water in case of an emergency.

In order to never lack water, an Aztec style well was built and an electric pump was installed.

The entire construction is excellent quality (view the expert’s report).

The interior decoration of the house has been made by a talented creative artist from Paris.


Make a game room or any other construction above the adjacent house.

Install 6 to 8 security cameras infra-red with remote connection to a computer and 24 hours of functionality.


A terrain of 360M2 (36m x 10m), with a new construction of 20 M2, is just for sale on the other side of the wall of the Residencia. It is easy to build 4 or 5 rooms of 25 M2 each, either to make a room for meetings, games or other arrangement. This land, when passing the dividing wall, will look directly onto the swimming pool and the current garden. The surface of Residence would then be superior in 1500 M2.

For a very moderate price, it would immediately give a considerable capital gain(increase in value) to the Residence.

SEE BELOW the table of the changes made, as well as the expert’s report about the quality of the construction.



 The swimming pool was built as a block at the beginning of 2008. She is earthquake-resistant and for 10 years there is no crack. 

She is designed well with 15m of length what really allows to swim. The depth varies 0,70 m in 1,60m. She has a small circular pond except for for the babies or the grandchildren accompanied by their parents.

In the big pond we also have a seat to sit down in the water and savor a beer or refreshment. It has a 70.000 liter capacity AND ALL WATER OF MOUNTAIN COMES FROM the WELL .The swimming pool was emptied at the end of dry season in June, 2017 to make a thorough clean-up. It was filled in only 3 days with the well. This well has a production a day of more than 20.000 liters!!!!

IT IS A VERY BIG SECURITY because all the residence can live all year long with the only well.

The water of mountain is very soft for the skin.

It has a complete register for the maintenance. We can make a very good cleaning by manual pursuit.

We use so daily a robot of SUPREME mark, marketed by the company FLUIDRA which has an agency to Nuevo Vallarta but her company in Mexico DF as well as his after-sales service. Unfortunately this department is badly organized and ineffective. It was necessary to wait 4 months for the simple repair of an engine of the robot!!!. But fortunately we have the solution of the manual pursuit. Thus Company to be misadvised for its service and its behavior at every level and thus to be avoided. A research is in progress.

The outside cover around swimming pool is a special material. Even right in the sun, it burns not at all and we can stretch out. It is also a big security

The size of the swimming pool and its positioning leave enough space to make an event what is very pleasant for the guests. We can make an event of 100 people sat in the garden.

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